To Par Scoring Format Explained

The To-Par Scoring format is by far the most popular, most recognized, and easiest to follow golf pool scoring option.  

What is To Par Scoring?

The To-Par scoring format works by adding up a team of selected golfers' scores relative to par for a tournament. The team with the lowest cumulative score at the end of regulation play wins. 

Live-Scoring on your Pool Leaderboard:

Scores will update live throughout the tournament and can be followed by all participants on the pool's live leaderboard. The leaderboard will adjust, listing the team with the lowest score in relation to par in position 1 and listing all teams from lowest to highest team score relative to par in order. 

Default Settings:

Easy Office Pools uses a Pick 6 - Use 4 setup as the default for this format. The pool admin has the ability to adjust to require any number of players for team make-up and any number of scores used toward the team score. Learn how here.


As you can see in the leaderboard below - Cole is in POS 1. He has a team of 6 players, with the two players with the highest scores crossed out (crossed-out scores are not included in the team total). This helps you identify the players whose scores were used to calculate the team total. Each of the 4 players' scores that are counting toward the total will be added up to give you the team's total score. (-36) 


Each participant in a pool will be required to select a tiebreaker. The tiebreaker is the final score of the golfer that wins the tournament. This score does not include playoff holes. 

If more than one participant has the same team score at the end of the event, the pool admin will use the tiebreaker selections for those teams, and the participant that picked a tiebreaker score closest to the actual score of the winning golfer's score will be deemed the winner of the pool.

Need to add, change, or delete a tiebreaker score? Click here.

Pool Payment:

For pools with more than 4 participants, there is a one-time payment of $20. This fee provides the pool with online setup and live scoring and is in no way related to gambling. We do not manage any gambling-related activity on our site.

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