Daily Bests Scoring Format Explained

The Daily Bests Scoring format is a great way to mix things up from your standard To Par Scoring format. Offering more variety in how the scoring plays out by using per round scores rather than the cumulative score for each player over the entirety of the event. So as long as each player on your team has a least 1 good round you've got a great chance at finding yourself at the top of your pool leaderboard!

How the Daily Bests' Scoring Format Works?

The daily bests scoring format will combine the best scores from each round for all rounds of the event to produce a single team score. The pool admin will determine how many players make up a team and of those players how many scores will be used in calculating the team score for each round.

Default Settings

Easy Office Pools uses a Pick 6 - Use 4 default pre-set for this format. The pool admin has the ability to adjust to require any number of players for team make-up and any number of scores used toward the team score. Learn how here.

  • Referring to the leaderboard example below you will see team Cole is in Pos. 1.
  • Cole's Daily Bests Team Score = -44
  • Each score used toward the team total is highlighted with a green oval.
  • The 4 best scores for each round are highlighted and after all 4 rounds are complete the best 4 scores from each round are added together to determine the overall team score for that pool. 
  • Notice that even though Chez Reavie missed the cut Cole was still able to use his R1 score to help his team capture the top position. 


Each participant in a pool will be required to select a tiebreaker. The tiebreaker is the final score of the golfer that wins the tournament. This score does not include playoff holes. 

If more than one participant has the same team score at the end of the event, the pool admin will use the tiebreaker selections for those teams and the participant that picked a tiebreaker score closest to the actual score of the winning golfer's score will be deemed the winner of the pool.

Need to add, change, or delete a tiebreaker score? Click here to learn how.

Pool Payment:

For pools with more than 4 participants, there is a one-time payment of $20. This fee provides the pool with online setup and live-scoring and is in no way related to gambling. We do not manage any gambling-related activity on our site.

Additional Golf Pool Scoring Options:

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