Money Earnings Format Explained

Looking for a pool that lasts the entire season or over a series of events? Here it is! Customize which events you'd like to use, how many golfers you want for each team, and watch the results unfold on your live leaderboard.

Money Earning Scoring Format 

The PGA Tour Money Earnings format allows you to host a pool that lasts over the course of several tournaments. Pool participants pick a team of golfers and the team that wins the most money collected over the events selected for the series wins the pool.

Picksheet Customizing Options:

  • Choose the number of golfers everyone picks
  • Choose how the picksheets are setup
  • Choose which tournaments to include
  • Get entries with online picksheet
  • Enter picks form offline draft

Golfers Available for Selection:

  • The top 125 from the FedExCup points list from the previous season
  • The 50 golfers that earn their PGA Tour card via the Korn Ferry tour.
  • You can customize your golfers by adding additional golfers.
  • You can set-up your pool so that poolies can pick different golfer groupings based on their world rank or simply let them choose any golfer without restriction.

Live Leaderboard

Your pool will have a live leaderboard so anyone in your pool can see where they stand and how their team stacks up against the rest of the competition anytime and in real-time. There will be a column showing each team's Projected Total Earnings which will be based on scores as they are when you're looking at it. There will also be an Official Earnings column which will have the final totals once the events are completed and the earnings are finalized. 

Click here to view a sample Live Leaderboard. Once you're viewing the sample leaderboard you can click on the Team Name to see that specific team in more detail.

Leaderboard View Team Detail View

Pool Payment

For pools with more than 4 participants, there is a one-time payment of $20. This fee provides the pool with online setup and live-scoring and is in no way related to gambling. We do not manage any gambling-related activity on our site. 

Additional Golf Pool Scoring Options

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