How Does The Tiebreaker Work?

Important Note: 
It is up to the pool admin to handle any tiebreakers. The pool admin dictates if the tiebreaker selection is in play as your pool’s tiebreaker.

If your pool uses an online picksheet, everyone is required to submit a guess at the winning golfer's final score, not including playoff holes.

Ties will be sorted on the leaderboard based on the following criteria: 

  1. Closest guess to winning golfer's score (doesn't matter if higher or lower) 
  2. Scorecard playoff winner. For example, if I have Tiger at -5 and Rory at -3, and you have Bubba at -4 and Phil at -4, then we both have -8 but I win because my best is better than your best. Keep matching best to best until the tie is broken. This does not include playoff holes. This is an automatic secondary sort on your leaderboard, and again it is up to the pool admin to decide if this will be used to help break a tie. 

This systematic sorting is in place for ties at any position on the leaderboard, not just the winner. 

You can see what everyone selected as their tiebreaker by clicking their team name on your pool leaderboard. A popup will appear with the tiebreaker guess for that team. 

If more is needed to break the tie, the pool admin has final say.

If in a tiebreaker situation, the pool admin will manually determine who the winner is by clicking the team name (a popup with the tiebreaker appears) or using the pool admin screen. Each tied team will have the same numerical ranking in the POS column.

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