How to Pick Your Team

How to Join a Masters Pool

Enjoy this step-by-step tutorial on How to Pick Your Team in a pool you've been invited to join. 

This article will cover everything you need to know for making your picks, choosing your tiebreaker, and submitting your pool entry. 

How Your Pool Works

Start by reading the "HOW IT WORKS" section of the invitation you've received from the pool admin. This will list the rules and criteria for making your picks. 

For this article, we will use our most popular scoring format of To Par Scoring using the best 4 scores from a team of 6 players.

Making Your Picks

Click the link found on your invitation found in the " HOW TO JOIN THE POOL" section:

This link will take you directly to your pick sheet. The pick sheet is the place where you pick the players to make up your team, set your tie-break score, and submit your entry to have your team entered into the pool. 

Your pool admin will determine how many tiers the field is split into and how many players you will need to pick from each tier to make up your team. As you can see in the example below: For Tier 1 participants will Pick 1 player and the same for Tier 2. 

Pick Your Players

Now you'll simply click on the box next to the player you want to be on your team from each tier. Continue that process until you've made your selections for all tiers. 

Pick Your Tiebreaker Score

A tiebreaker score is required for every entry and will be used to determine a pool winner in the case of a tie. 

Click on the Select a score box.

Choose what you think the winning golfer's score will be at the end of the tournament, not including playoff holes. 

Final Steps

  • Enter your Team Name, your Name, and your email address.
  • Click on the Terms of Service box.
  • Click Submit Entry button. 
  • You will see a confirmation confirming your entry has been submitted and you will receive an email from Easy Office Pools with your team selections and the link to view your pool's live leaderboard. 


Now you can sit back and watch the action unfold on your pool's custom live leaderboard!

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