How to Set Up Your Pool

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Let's get started!

Step 1: Creating a Pool

Go to and click on the orange button labeled “Create Your Pool.”

Step 2: Create Pool for PGA Single Tournament

Under the PGA Single Tournament section click the orange "Create Pool" button.

Step 3: Complete the Pool Set-Up Form

Begin by entering an email address. (*Please note: Easy Office Pools will use this email address to communicate any important pool information regarding your pool.)

Next, type in what you’d like to name your pool by clicking inside the "POOL NAME" Field. (pool name is visible to all pool participants.)

Now it’s time to select the event you are creating a pool for. By clicking on the TOURNAMENT field you will see a drop-down list of all available tournaments.  

Step 4: Select Pick Sheet Set-Up

You have 3 options to consider for your Pick Sheet set-up. (The pick sheet is the page that your pool participants will use to pick their teams.)  

Option 1: Pick 6, Use 4 (our most popular set-up choice) - for this option you will have 6 pre-set tiers based on world rank. Each participant picks 1 player from each tier to make up their team of 6. The best 4 of the 6 scores are used for your team score. The lowest team score at end of the tournament wins the pool.

Option 2: Enter Pick Manually - if you like to hand out paper pick sheets this is a great way to set your pool up. Also, a great option for drafts. You can still set up your tiers as you want them and simply click the print button to have a nice and neat pick sheet to hand out. See how here.

Option 3: You decide on the set-up. You pick the tiers (if any) and who’s in each tier. You will also set the scoring parameters. This is a great option if you’re looking to create your pool using a format you’ve always done in the past. Simply mirror the set-up and we will set-up your invites and scoring on your custom live leaderboard.

Step 5: Click the box to agree with Easy Office Pools Terms of Service.

Step 6: Click Create Pool


You’re now ready to invite your friends, family, and/or co-workers to be part of the action! 

Happy Pooling! 

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