How to Invite Others to Join Your Pool

Inviting others to join your Masters pool has never been easier. No more back-and-forth emails, no more spreadsheets & no more paper picksheets. 

You have 3 Options for Inviting others to Join Your Pool

  1. Send a Preformatted Invitation
  2. Share a Join Code
  3. Share a Join Link

Start by logging into your Pool Admin Account

  • Click the Admin Button of the pool you are inviting others to join. 

Option 1: Sending a Preformatted Invitation

  • From your pools Admin page click on the "Copy Invitation" button.

  • After clicking the Copy Invitation Link - Open your email provider. (gmail, yahoo, etc...) 
  • Paste the copied invitation into the body of a new email. 
  • An exact replica of your invitation will be pasted. 
  • Enter the email addresses of those you'd like to invite and send the email. 
  • That's it! 

Option 2: Invite Others to Join Your Pool with a Join Code

  • From your pool Admin Page scroll down past the invitation to the Join Code Section
  • Copy the Join Code by clicking on the "Copy Join Code" button.

  • Instruct those you are inviting to visit:
  • Provide them with your unique "Join Code" by pasting the code you have already copied
  • They will enter the Join Code in the empty field box found on the page link from above. 

  • After they have entered the "Join Code" and clicked on the "Join Pool" button they will be taken directly to the pool picksheet where they can pick and submit their team. 
  • Success! 

Option 3: Share Join Pool Link

  • From the Pool Admin page scroll down to the "How to Join Pool" section of the pool invitation.
  • Copy and share the link found in that section with those you'd like to invite. 

  • Your "How to Join the Pool" link will take them directly to a picksheet where they can pick their team and submit their entry into the pool. 
  • Success! 
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