How to Run a Ryder Cup Pool

How to Run A Ryder Cup Pool

Ryder Cup Pool Overview

The Ryder Cup pool format will award points to the golfers playing in the Ryder Cup for each match win or halve. Additionally, points will be awarded for picking the winning team USA or Europe.

Pool Objective 

Pick a team of golfers that accumulates the most points throughout the 28 Ryder Cup matches. As well as picking the correct winning team for extra points - USA or Europe.


Option 1: Default Setup 

Each person selects 1 player from each tier, for a total of 6 players, a winning team, and a tiebreaker of the final score.

Option 2: Custom Setup: 

Fully customize the groupings (tiers) with any combination of golfers and allow picking for any number of players desired.

Here's a video going over the entire process of customizing your pool picksheet and setup: How to Customize Your Pool Picksheet

Example: Here’s a look at the default picksheet setup. The golfers competing on both teams for the 2021 Ryder Cup are separated into 6 tiers for selection purposes. Pool participants will select 1 golfer from each tier to make up their 6 player team: 

Pool Scoring & Rules

  • Fourball and Foursomes: Each individual golfer receives 2 pts for a win & 1 pt for ties. 
  • Singles Matches: Each individual golfer receives 4 pts for a win & 2 pts for ties. 
  • Winning Team: 8 pts received for picking the correct winning team. (no points awarded if 14-14 tie) 
  • Team Score: The team score is the sum total of all points awarded. 
  • Pool Winner: The participant with the highest team score wins the pool. 
  • Tiebreaker: Guess the final score of the 2021 Ryder Cup (example: 16-12)...this does not count toward official team points. It is only used to break the tie.

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