Viewing Your Pools Live Leaderboard

LIVE Leaderboard Scoring

It’s show time, the pool has closed, the players are on the course, and the putts are dropping. Lucky for you, with Easy Office Pool Live Leaderboard, you’ll be able to watch the entire event unfold in real-time as your Pool Leaderboard updates and adjusts as the action unfolds on the course! Try out what you learn on our Sample Leaderboard.

How to Access Your Pool Leaderboard

There are multiple (easy) ways to access your pool leaderboard throughout the tournament.

  • If you submitted picks using an online picksheet, you received a confirmation email with a link at the bottom of it that goes directly to your pool leaderboard.
  • Anyone can visit, click VIEW, and then enter your pool number.
  • Pool admins can login to admin page, scroll down to the Pool Leaderboard section, and click the button. Share this link with your poolies, they can follow live without needing to login.
  • Anyone can Login, then click the Leaderboard link for a pool they've joined with their email.

Refresh Your Leaderboard for Live-Scoring

Click the refresh button in your internet browser to fetch an updated leaderboard for your pool based on where golfers currently stand.

Leaderboard Views and How to Change Them

In this article, we will cover all the different views and features you can enjoy on your pool's Live Leaderboard. You can click the dropdown button in the Gray Button Bar at the top of your leaderboard to change the scoring view.

Pool Rules

Click the Rules button to view the pool rules and details.

Different Scoring Formats

While our most popular scoring format is To Par Scoring you may also want to see how the leaderboard looks using one of our other scoring formats. You can alternate views by scoring format by clicking the first button on the pool leaderboard toolbar. From the drop-down, you can select any of the following views:

Viewing Pool Stats

Click the Stats button to view interesting pool stats like Most Picked Player. Click the Headers to sort the stats by category.

*Pro Tip: Clicking the TIER header will show you the top-picked player from each tier.

Viewing Leaderboard By Individual Round

To sort your pool leaderboard view by individual round, you can simply click on the header of the round you’d like to view, and the results shown will adjust to that specific round selected.

Show/Hide Details

You have the option to simplify your leaderboard view by toggling the Show/Hide details button. This view will change what you see for each of the scoring options mentioned above and give you multiple ways to view your team's performance against the others in your pool!


You can easily track your picks using Favorites. This could be just your picks, the two or more entries you’ve submitted, or even your friends' picks.

Click the star next to one or more entries, then click the favorites button to quickly see how your picks are doing. Your favorites will remain stored on your device.

Text Search

Want to know how many or who has a specific player on their team? Need to find a specific team in your pool? Want to see all your teams? The options are endless, and you can do it all with the text search view on your leaderboard. 

Click the magnifying glass and start typing the name you’re looking for, and like magic, every version with the text found in your pool will be presented for your viewing enjoyment!


Try out our Sample Leaderboard to practice what you've learned!

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