How To Handle Golfers That Withdraw After Tournament Begins

It sucks if you (or someone in your pool) picked a golfer that ends up withdrawing before or after the tournament starts. This article outlines options for how the pool admin can handle this scenario. 

Scoring for Withdrawn Golfers

For scoring purposes, WD golfers are handled the same way as CUT golfers, getting assigned an 80, receiving the highest carded round for any round they don't complete, or receiving a score of Even, +1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 in relation to par (determined by pool admin). Learn more about Cut Options

How to Update WD Golfers as Pool Admin

By default, WD golfers will remain picked if they were not changed by the entrant prior to the pool entry deadline (typically the same as the first tee time). Only the pool admin can update after the deadline.

If desired, the pool admin can update an entry by removing the withdrawn golfer and adding in a different golfer of their choosing for anyone who selected a WD golfer. 

This is at the discretion of the pool admin, whether this is fair or not.

To replace withdrawn golfers, follow these steps: 

  1. Login
  2. Click the ADMIN button for your pool.
  3. Identify a golfer from the same tier as the WD golfer that you want to use as a replacement.
    1. You can view your pool's tiers by clicking on the link to join on your pool invitation (only when logged in as the admin)
  4. Identify who picked a WD golfer
    1. You can search your pool leaderboard for "WITHDRAWN" or 
    2. You can export Teams & Picks by clicking ENTRIES, Export, Export Teams & Picks, and then filtering for the golfer in the spreadsheet downloaded 
  5. Click ENTRIES
  6. Search for the Team Name that picked WD golfer
  7. Click Team Name 
  8. Click "x" next to WD golfer to remove
  9. Type in the new golfer you want to replace with and hit enter to add 
  10. Click Save Changes 
  11. Repeat steps 5 through 9 for anyone who picked a WD golfer


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