Scoring Options for Your Pool


The scoring can be handled in multiple ways. Leaderboards can have multiple scoring options. Each pool admin decides what is in play for their pool.

  • TO PAR Scoring Add golfers scores relative to par. Sorted by a team with the best cumulative score. Scores update live throughout the tournament.
  • $$ Earnings Scoring Add golfers money earnings for the tournament. Projected earnings will update live throughout the tournament.
  • Daily Bests Scoring Use the best golfers score from each day. For example, if everyone picks 6 golfers, you could choose to only count the best 4 scores from each day. Scores update live throughout the tournament.
  • Round by Round Scoring Add golfers scores relative to par for a single round. Sorted by the team with the best cumulative score for the individual round.

If you are the pool admin, you can set the default scoring option from your pool admin page.


It is up to the pool admin to handle any tiebreakers. The pool admin dictates if either tiebreaker selection is in play as your pool’s tiebreaker.

Ties will be sorted on the leaderboard based on the following criteria: 

  1. Closest guess to winning golfer's score (it doesn't matter if it is higher or lower) 
  2. Scorecard playoff winner. For example, if I have Tiger at -5 and Rory at -3, and you have Bubba at -4 and Phil at -4, then we both have -8, but I win because my best is better than your best. Keep matching best to best until the tie is broken. This does not include playoff holes. This is an automatic secondary sort on your leaderboard, and again it is up to the pool admin to decide if this will be used to help break a tie. 

The pool admin has the final say if more is needed to break the tie. If in a tiebreaker situation, you'll have to manually determine who the winner is by clicking the team name or using the pool admin screen.

Cut Golfers & Withdrawn Golfers Scores

After the cut is determined, you’ll notice that cut golfers will get assigned a score automatically for rounds 3 and 4. Withdrawn golfers (or anyone who doesn't finish all four rounds) will get assigned a score automatically for any rounds not finished. The score is set by the pool admin. The system default will be 80. Learn more about Cut Options.

Crossed Out Golfers

Many pools count only a subset of golfers chosen, and the golfers not counting towards the final score will be crossed out. Crossed-out golfers will change based on the best golfers on each person's team as the tournament plays out. This setting can be changed in the scoring section of the pool admin page.

Official & Projected Earnings

  • Official earnings are typically posted within a few hours of tournament completion.
  • Golfers who miss the cut receive $0 for official earnings by default. This matches official PGA Tour earnings. Some tournaments like the Masters award cut golfers $10,000 or some amount of unofficial money, but this is not included in official or projected earnings.
  • Projected earnings update live based on each player's leaderboard position.
  • Projected earnings are calculated following the standard PGA Tour Payout Percentages formula.
  • Projected earnings are not guaranteed to match official earnings.
  • Amateurs are not awarded projected earnings or official earnings.

Playoff Holes

Should the tournament end in a playoff, the golfers in the playoff will not receive credit for the strokes earned or lost during the playoff. The results of the playoff will influence the earnings each golfer is awarded, aligning with official earnings.

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