Customizing Your Picksheet


  • How to Modify Picksheet Setup
  • Changing Picksheet Setup Options
  • Customizing Picksheet Setup
  • Building Picksheet From Scratch
    • Custom Tier Names - Adding tiers 
    • Assigning Golfers to Desired Tiers 
    • Organizing Tiers - adding, deleting, and moving picksheet tiers

How to Modify Your Picksheet Setup

  1. Log in to your Admin Dashboard
  2. Click the “Admin” button of the pool you want to modify
  3. Scroll down to the “PICKSHEET” section
  4. Click the “Modify Picksheet” button

Change Picksheet Setup

The current Picksheet Setup will be displayed at the top of the Modify Picksheet section.

  1. To change your setup, click “Change Setup.”
  2. Select the preferred setup option.

Select the Setup Option 

There are four options for your tier setup. Select which option you’d like to start with. This will automatically sort the tiers and players based on the selection you choose, and you can continue more detailed customization from there.

Setup Options 

Determine how you want to separate the picksheet tiers. Get started by selecting one of the four picksheet setup options. Continue reading for more detailed setup and customization for each option mentioned below:

  • Tiers by Odds - For golf pools that use an online picksheet, your picksheet will be split up into tiers with groupings of golfers that have similar odds of winning the tournament. Odds used to create your picksheet are based on the snapshot of what they were at the time your picksheet was created. Once your picksheet is saved using odds, the golfer tiers will be locked and remain the same (unless you specifically change the groupings as the admin). This will ensure fairness and with everyone picking from the same tiers of golfers. Learn more about: How Golf Pool Odds Work
  • Tiers by World Rank - The system automatically sets your desired number of tiers sorted by World Rank. The last tier will always have the remainder of the field included in it.
  • No Tiers - Pick Anyone - Every player in the field is listed in one list. Pool participants simply select the total number of players required for pool entry. Change the "# Selections Required" to the total number of picks you want people to make from the entire tournament field, then click Save Picksheet.
  • Build From Scratch - Pool admin can set up any number of tiers and select any combination of players within each tier as desired. This works well if you want to do something completely customized you can quickly type in the golfers into each tier.

Tiers by Odds Setup

  1. Enter the Total number of tiers you’d like for your picksheet
  2. Enter the number of golfers available for picking in each of those tiers 
  3. Enter the number of picks required from each tier to make up a team.

*Example: In the example above, the golfers will be sorted into 6 tiers total, with 10 golfers in each tier, and 1 selection will be required from each tier to make up a team. 

  • The players are sorted by the players’ odds of winning the tournament. 
  • The first 5 tiers would contain 10 players each, and the 6th tier would contain the remainder of the tournament field. 
  • Click the “Save Picksheet” button to save your picksheet setup. 
  • Review, share, or further customize  your picksheet setup as desired. (see below to continue customizing)

Tiers by World Rank Setup

  1. Enter the Total number of tiers you’d like for your picksheet
  2. Enter how many golfers you’d like to have sorted into each of those tiers.
  3. Enter the number of players required for each tier to make up a team  

*Example: In the example above, you can see that both the World Rank and Odds are displayed, and the players are sorted from top to bottom based on their World Ranking.

No Tiers - Pick Anyone

The No Tier setup is a great option if you want your poolies to have minimal limitations on which players they select for their team. The only requirement is the total number of players required to be picked to make up their team.

  1. Select the total number of picks required
  2. Select how you would like the players to be sorted 

Custom Setup - Build From Scratch

  1. Select a Sorting Option: Odds, World Rank, or Alpha. 
  2. Setup Picksheet Tiers 
  3. Enter # of Selections Required for each tier
  4. Assign Golfers to desired tiers
  5. Save Picksheet 

PRO TIP: Use the Sort Option to list the golfers by the selected option. This can be very useful when you are adding the golfers to their designated tier. 

Picksheet Tier Setup

  1. Click “+ Add New Tier” to add more tiers to your picksheet
  2. Add a Custom Tier Name for each tier by clicking on the Tier Name displayed and entering the name you would like to use. 

Assign Golfers To Tiers

All players will be listed in the “Excluded From Picksheet” Section until they are assigned to a tier using the options listed below:

  • Type the players name in the “+ Add Player” section of the the tier you’d like to add them to. 
  • Clicking “Assign Tier” next to the player's name and selecting the tier to place that player
  • Click the “+” between the listed players to add all the players above the “+” to a new tier.
    • PRO TIP: when using this option, start with your first tier, add the players you want to that tier, then click the “+” to create a new tier and add all the players above that to the new tier. Continue this process for the rest of the picksheet.

Organizing Custom Picksheet Tiers

  • Select “Move Up” or “Move Down” to change the position of that tier on the picksheet
  • Click the "Delete Tier" button to remove a tier from the picksheet.  Players assigned to a deleted tier will be returned to the “Excluded from Picksheet” section.

Save Your Picksheet

Don’t forget to save your picksheet by clicking the “Save Picksheet” button at the bottom of the page. 

PRO TIP: If you are doing a lot of organizing and shuffling, save your picksheet often. Players can be moved, and tiers can be adjusted after saving by the pool admin. We know how it feels to lose a masterpiece, and we’d hate to see that happen to yours! 


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