How to Run a Season Long or Multi-Event Golf Pool

How it Works

For any pools including multiple PGA Tour events, the PGA Money Earnings Pool is the option you'll be using. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know to have your multi-event or season-long pool up and running in no time at all! 

PGA Money Earnings Pool Objective

Participants will pick a team of golfers and their earnings are added up across multiple PGA Tour events. The scoring uses the PGA Money earnings and is projected live throughout the standard tournaments. Team totals and player earnings can be found on the pool's custom Live Leaderboard

Creating Your Pool

Get started by creating a PGA Money Earnings Pool. Create Now

  • Once you have your pool created, log in to your pool admin page and follow the steps below to complete your pool setup. 

Create Your Season Long Money Earnings Pool

FedExCup Playoffs Bonus Money

Once you've created your pool, given it a name, and logged in to your pool admin page you can begin fine-tuning and/or customizing. Scrolling down the pool admin page past the invitation section you'll come to the FedExCup section. This is where you'll determine if you want to include or exclude the FedExCup Bonus Money earned by players during the FedEcCup Playoffs.

  • System Default is preset to Exclude Bonus Money 


The system default for the Money Earnings picksheet is preset with participants Picking 6 Golfers from 6 Tiers. Those 6 tiers will have 10 players in each and are sorted by World Rank. Pool admins can easily sort picksheets using the following sorting options: 

  • Tiers By World Rank
  • No Tiers - Pick Anyone
  • Build From Scratch

Modifying Picksheet

If you have a specific setup you want for your pool you can make your changes by selecting the "Modify Picksheet" button in the picksheet section of your pool admin page.

Tiers By World Rank

When selecting Tiers by World Rank you will have the ability to adjust the following criteria: 

  • # of Tiers in Picksheet - Default is 6, you can choose any number from 1-20
  • # of Players within Each Tier - Default is 10, you can choose from 1-20 and can even modify further by moving players directly from the tiers after the initial sorting is complete. 
  • # of Selections Required from Each Tier - Default is 1, you can choose from 1-20 and will also have the ability to have different totals specific to each tier if desired. 

No Tiers - Pick Anyone

By selecting the No Tiers - Pick Anyone option all of the players in the field will be listed in a single field. The only criteria you'll need to set on this format is the total number of selections you want to be required for the team totals. 

  • # of Selections Required - Default is 10, to adjust simply click the number field under the tier and enter the desired number of selections you would like to require.  

Build From Scratch

As the name suggests, this is your option to get started with a blank slate.

  • Adding/Deleting Tiers - You can add tiers as you go and you can delete them as well if needed. 

  • Arranging Tiers - As you build, you may decide that your tiers need to be arranged in a different order. You can quickly adjust the tier order by clicking the "Move Down & Move Up" buttons. Move until your heart's content and the tiers are in the exact order that you want them in. 
  • Moving or Adding Individual Players - When building from scratch all players will be listed in the "Excluded From Picksheet Section."  You can make adjustments using the following methods:  
    • Add a player to a tier by Clicking the "Add Player" field within the tier you want that player in and typing the players' name. 
    • Click "Assign Tier" next to the player's name and select the tier you want them to be moved to.
    • Click "Change Tier" to move a player from a tier to any of the existing tiers or to exclude them from the picksheet. 

Save Your Picksheet

Once you have created your masterpiece and your tiers are set exactly as you dreamed they would be....make sure you SAVE YOUR PICKSHEET before moving on to selecting the events you are going to include.

Signup Deadline

Select the day and time for pool entries to close. This is commonly set to the night before the first event in your pool starts. It can be set to any day and time desired. Once the deadline is reached participants will no longer have the ability to enter or edit entries. Only the pool admin can add or edit entries after the deadline has passed. 

Tournament Inclusion 

To select or modify the events you want to include in your season-long or multi-event pool simply scroll down your pool admin page to the "Tournament Inclusion" section and click the "Select Tournaments" button. 

Selecting Events  

Select any combination of events you want to be included in your pool. A blue checkmark will identify the events included in your pool. To add or remove events simply check the box next to the event name. Money earnings from ONLY the tournaments selected will count towards pool standings. 


Your unique pool leaderboard will update automatically for anyone to monitor. No logins or passwords are necessary.

  • Pool participants will receive a link to the pool leaderboard on their team entry confirmation email as well as in the email sent inviting them to join the pool. 
  • Pool admin can access the pool leaderboard link for viewing and sharing in the "Leaderboard" section found on the pool admin page.

Sample PGA Tour Money Earnings Leaderboard

  • Click on the image below to view a sample PGA Tour Money Earnings Leaderboard.
  • Default View - the system default will show the leaderboard with all tournaments included. Viewers can select specific events to view earnings for each team in the pool by the specific event selected.

Sample PGA Tour Money Earnings Pool Leaderboard

  • Click on the team name to view the breakdown of money earned by each player within each specific team. Select all events or any individual event to see the earnings detail by player for each specific team. 

Sample PGA Tour Money Earnings Pool Leaderboard

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