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Customizing Your Golf Pool with Easy Office Pools

Going Custom with Your Golf Pool? In this article, we will cover all of your pool customizing options. If you don't find what you need, don't give up. Shoot us an email at easyofficepools@gmail.com and we will work with you to see if we can get your pool to function exactly as you want it.  Now let's start customizing! 


  • Log in to your pool admin page
  • Scroll down to the Pool Name Section
  • Click in the text box with the current pool name
  • Adjust to the desired name. (this will be the name shown on the invitation and leaderboard and is visible to all participants.) 

How to Change Pool NameSCORING


You have three options for your pool format. The To Par scoring format is our system default and the most popular format with our users. Choose the Money Earnings format if you're looking to run a season-long or multi-event pool. Or switch things up and keep more poolies in the game by going with the Daily Bests format.    

  • To Par ScoringPool participants pick a team of golfers. The golfer's scores are added up relative to par for a tournament. The team with the lowest cumulative score at the end of regulation play wins. 
  • Money EarningsPool participants pick a team of golfers and the team that wins the most money collected over the events selected for the series wins the pool.
  • Daily Bests: Pool participants will pick a team of golfers. The best scores from each round for all rounds of the event are combined to produce a single team score.

Number of Golfers Picked

Your pool's scoring will default will be set to have everyone pick 6 golfers, but you can fully customize your picksheet and they can pick 2 golfers, 50 golfers, or anything in between. 

Number of Scores Used

You can choose to go with our system default counting the best 4 scores of 6 from each team, make every score count by having your total scores used match the total number of players picked for the team or use any other combination you can conjure up.  

Managing Golfers that MC, WD, MDF, or DNF

You'll have two options when deciding how to handle players that MC, WD, MDF, or DNF.

  • Cut Golfers Get 80: Any player that misses the cut receives a score of 80 for rounds 3 & 4.
  • Cut Golfers Get Highest Carded Score: Any player that misses the cut receives the highest carded score for rounds 3 & 4.

Team Visibility

Again you'll have two options to choose from with deciding when to make the teams visible to all poolies. System default will hide all team details until the tournament begins. 

  • Hide teams until start: you'll be able to see who has entered and the team names but will not see the players picked until the event begins. 
  • Show teams before start: take the mystery out of it and allow all participants to see what the others have picked prior to the event start. 

All of your scoring settings can be adjusted and customized by logging into your pool admin page and scrolling down to the "Scoring Section" shown below.

Customizing Options for Your Golf Pool


You've got choices for days when it comes to setting up your picksheets! This is where you'll decide how many tiers you want (if any), determine how many players and which players you want in each tier, and you can even customize your tier names. If that gets you excited, you're in the right place! 

Tier Setup 

You've got three preset options to use as a starting point but your options are limitless. 

  • Tiers by World Rank - The system will automatically set 6 Tiers sorted by World Rank with the first 5 tiers containing 10 players each and the 6th tier containing the remainder of the tournament field.
  • No Tiers - Pick Anyone - Every player in the field is listed in one list. Pool participants simply select the total number of players required for pool entry. 
  • Build From Scratch - Set up any number of tiers and select any combination of players within each tier as desired. 

Tier Names

If Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and so on just doesn't cut it. You can name your tiers anything you'd like. Here's your guide for Changing Your Tier Names, Adjusting your Tier Breakdowns, and Moving Players to Different Tiers.

PHEW, You made it!

Thanks for reading and as always, Happy Pooling! 

Did we miss something? 

If you weren't able to achieve the level of customization you need for your pool don't count us out yet! Shoot us an email at easyofficepools@gmail.com and tell us what you're after and we will do our best to come up with an option that works for you. 

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